Waseca Lakeside Pool



Beginning Friday, September 1st there will not be a lifeguard on duty. With fall approaching, many of our workers are going back to school and are not able to work. We also would like to inform you that the diving board and slide will be closed for the remainder of the season. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these recent changes, please contact Missy Pfeifer, 507-363-1234. We ask that you be aware of the safety rules posted and to swim at your own risk.

Thank you  

9/1/2017 The pool will open at 4PM today.  As a reminder it must be 70 at noon to open at noon.

We are actively looking for guards. If you know of anyone willing to help cover the remainder of the season please contact Missy Pfeifer at 507-363-1234.

Missy Pfeifer will be managing the pool this summer.  Please contact her with any questions or to schedule a pool party.  You can reach Missy at 507-363-1234 or mpfeifer@mchsi.com.
The outside temperature must be 70 degrees for the pool to be open. Please watch the website if you are not sure if the pool is open. While school is in session, the pool will be open from 3:30-7:00 p.m. Please remember to sign in and if need be pay the guard at break for any guests. In-town guests and out-of town fees are $4.00. 
Non-members may come to the pool as a guest 5 times during the pool season. After that a membership will need to be purchased. 
As always, Lakeside pool hours are 12:00 - 7:50 p.m. daily. 
ENJOY Lakeside's pool!

Lakeside is currently running a pool membership special at $299.00.  Contact Steve Jaycox at 835-5912 or the clubhouse at 835-2574 for more information.